what makes a farm successful?

Every element of a farm is important for one reason or another and when one thing goes wrong, a whole chain of negative effects could occur. Click for help.

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what makes a farm successful?

I have always loved everything about farms. I love the animals, the plants and all of the equipment that is needed to keep a farm functioning and productive. Although I don't have a huge farm of my own, I have taken the small amount of land that I do own and have created a mini-farm that I enjoy very much. Every element of a farm is important for one reason or another and when one thing goes wrong, a whole chain of negative effects could occur. Here, you will find the many things that I have learned over the years that has helped me make my mini-farm productive and successful.

3 Ways To Prevent Dry Wood Termite Infestations

10 November 2016
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If dry wood termites are present in your area of the country, you need to make sure that you take steps to ensure that your home is never infested with termites. Termites can ruin your home and destroy its value. Here are three things that you can do to protect your home against dry wood termites. Remove Wood Around Your Home The first thing  you need to do is remove dead wood from around your home. Read More …

Understanding The Key Nutrients In Garden Fertilizer

8 August 2016
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When it comes to gardening, you need to do a lot more than just dig a hole and place a plant or seed in it. Plants need many types of nutrients to grow, and many soils are nutrient deficient. One way to help your garden grow when you are dealing with nutrient-deficient soil is to use a fertilizer high in nutrients. The main nutrients that plants need to thrive include nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Read More …

Stylish Tips For Decorating Your Patio

18 April 2016
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Patios are fantastic spaces for entertaining, lounging and dining. You probably already gave some thought to the layout and its furniture. However, since the patio is the hub of your outdoor living, the décor deserves some attention, too. Plan for a patio that's as stylish as it is useful. Create Tableaus One way to make your patio décor cohesive is by creating tableaus. Instead of scattering your accent pieces evenly around, group them together in pleasing displays. Read More …

Three Quick Approaches To Regrowing Your Pasture Grass For Happier Cows

28 October 2015
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Grass-fed cows produce healthier milk and beef products than cows that are fed treated grain or hay and alfalfa with added vitamin boosters, which could be laced with pesticides. If you are just starting a grass-fed beef and dairy farm, you will find out very quickly that keeping up with the grass demands for your herd goes beyond nature's ability to keep up. Here are three quick approaches to regrowing pasture grass for happier, healthier cows. Read More …

Mowing Your Large Lawn: Tips For Healthy Looking Grass

27 July 2015
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Large yards can be overwhelming to mow.  Even with a commercial or wide deck riding lawn mower, a five acre lawn can take a long time to mow.  Large yards can still look great if you know how to properly care for it. Here are some tips on how to care for your large lawn with your riding lawnmower. Don't cut your grass too fast.  It can be tempting to put the mower on the fastest setting when the job is big and you are looking at spending multiple hours on the mower. Read More …